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Mindfully Loving God in the Land Down-Under

Loving God with all of our mind is not a challenge limited to the North American culture. In September 2017, Gary Kauffman, along with his wife Laura, traveled to Australia to participate in the annual conference hosted by Gympie Anabaptist Fellowship. The subject of the conference was Loving God with All of the Mind. Audio recordings of the conference can be accessed here. Following the conference, the Kauffman's traveled to Paupa New Guinea.

Gary & Laura

Here is an excerpt of Gary's report:

The evening of Friday, September 8, the Gympie Anabaptist Fellowship annual conference began which is where I began my teaching on Loving God With All The Mind. There were 5 sessions in all – 1 Friday evening, 2 on Saturday and 2 back to back sessions Sunday morning. The session titles were as follows:

1. Loving God with the mind 2. The open mind 3. The fearful mind 4. The spiritual mind 5. What life is all about – This session examined how the spiritual mind affects how we live

Fellowship in Australia

September 25 found us arriving in Papua New Guinea with Jason and his wife Melody for a CLE Educator's Conference. This was a three day event with the theme taken from Nehemiah where he told the people “Let us rise up and build”. Jason had asked if I would share 2 evening messages with the attendees which I was privileged to do. The message theme was “Let's rise up and rebuild the walls that define Christianity”. The first evening I spoke about the importance of Jesus being the foundation and the next evening I identified 4 teachings of Jesus among others that are defining walls of Christianity.

1. Being poor in spirit & meekness 2. God honoring lifetime marriages 3. Nonresistance 4. Losing one's life in order to find it

Paupa New Guinea Conference

The attendance for these messages was approximately 100.

Laura and I would like to once again give a special thanks to ATM for the generous gift of paying our way to Australia and my way to PNG. We wish ATM the blessing of God as you continue this important work of making it possible to take God's word around the world and proclaiming its truths.

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