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Trip to India - 2020

On February 14-22, 2020, Phil Beiler and Daniel Moyer took a trip to Northwest India for a time of teaching and fellowship with pastors of the Meitei people. The goal of the trip was to increase the understanding of the Bible among this people group, who has only had exposure to Christianity within the last 50 years or so.

Phil and Daniel spent four days teaching, two days each at two different locations. The attendance at each location was approximately 25 pastors. The session topics included stories from Elijah; Jesus - His Person, Purpose, and Power; and Formation and Inspiration of the Bible. The pastors, many of whom would have had little exposure to the Old Testament, were very attentive.

Continue to pray for the church in Northwest India. The pastors there are working hard, even risking their lives to bring the Gospel to their people.

At ATM, our goal is to support seminars in cooperation with native missions, ministries, and churches. We would love to see the truth of God’s Word and New Testament principles shared in more areas. If you have a need that you think fits our mission, please contact us at If you wish to donate, you may do so here:

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