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Looking Back at 2018 and Forward to 2019

As the first quarter of 2019 is already winding down, we look back at 2018 and forward to 2019 here at ATM.

In 2018, ATM assisted with 5 overseas trips: Haiti in January and October, Liberia in February, Moldova in April, and Australia in September. Here are some excerpts from the trips:

On January 3-5, Lowell Miller spent some time in Cotes de Fer, Haiti. The event was held at the recently completed school that Share Haiti is operating. The subjects covered included reconciliation, the lost sheep in Luke 15, tearing down strongholds, and restoration. The sessions were well attended, each with an attendance of 60 - 120 people. One of the goals of the event was to be part of an effort to offer hope and courage to the youth of Haiti.

Lavon Mullet and Phil Beiler spent April 30 - May 3 in Transnistria, a tiny slice of land in eastern Moldova. The retreat was held for pastors, leaders, missionaries, Sunday school teachers, and evangelists and their wives. There were about 45 persons in attendance, all members of the Registered Baptist group of churches. This was the first time any of the attendees met someone of Anabaptist background, and they were very curious about Anabaptist beliefs and practices. Topics included overcoming evil, building altars, and marriage advice. The irony of the location was that it was a camp that was once used by communists to indoctrinate their young on the dogma of Marxism. Praise the Lord, the camp was used to further His Kingdom!

Phil and Linda Beiler traveled to Haiti on September 28 - October 1. The event was held in Port a Prince at the Blue Ridge International Committee (BRIC) compound as a personal enrichment weekend for the American BRIC staff that are located there. The sessions focused on three altars: the personal altar, the family altar, and the public altar, and included the requirement that altars be deliberately built and maintained. There are four staff families (including 20 children) and three single staff fellows located their. The goal of the event is to bring spiritual enrichment to the staff who are constantly giving emotionally and spiritually to the people of Haiti.

In 2019, ATM looks forward to assisting with a number of trips including Romania and Kenya in March, Haiti in April, and Transnistria.

At ATM, our goal is to support seminars in cooperation with native missions, ministries, and churches. We would love to see the truth of God’s Word and New Testament principles shared in more areas. If you have a need that you think fits our mission, please contact us at

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